Reader Question: “Do you have anything you recommend for dry heels that have surface cracks? I try to be good about putting moisturizer on them but it seems like I can’t undo previous damage no matter how well I treat them.” — Breean

Answer: We hear you on this one, sister. That’s why we picked the brain of dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner to see what solutions he had for this hard-to-treat issue. Here’s what he said: “At home, apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $5.99 liberally right after the shower and then put on a pair of socks.” It will both protect your skin and seal in moisture. Wear the socks overnight and in the morning your feet will feel (and look!) softer and smoother. And, if you have painful cracks, “try filling them in with a liquid bandage or crazy glue,” says Zeichner.

If slathering on Aquaphor nightly still doesn’t do the trick, “I frequently give out prescription urea-containing creams that soften up and thin out the hard skin, while moisturizing at the same time,” says Zeichner. So, if you’re desperate for a fix, head to your doctor for a prescription like Carmol 40 or Keralac.

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One Reply to “Help for Dry, Cracked Heels”

  1. Forget Aquaphor.. Use Cetaphil cream – in the jar. Every day, a little on cracked areas after you get out of the shower. Works 100%!

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