"I Need a Good Self-Tanner for My Legs"

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Reader question: “I’m wanting to wear a dress on Saturday, but my not-so-tan legs are making me question my decision. I LOVE the dress, and want to make it work — especially since there aren’t many options! I was hoping you had a suggestion for a good safe self-tanner I can use on my legs. Possibly something I could buy at ULTA or Target.” — Kaleena

The answer: I have tried and tested a TON of self-tanners thanks to years of writing about them, and I have to say that the Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion, $7.69 is hands down my fave mass market product to date. It gives your skin a believable tan (translation: it won’t leave you oompa loompa orange) and it doesn’t have that super stinky self-tanner scent that we’re all far too familiar with. You should be able to find it at Target, Ulta or CVS — though winter time might make it a tiny bit harder to find. You can always buy it online though from the link above.

Do you use self-tanner in the winter? Which brand is your favorite?

2 Replies to “"I Need a Good Self-Tanner for My Legs"”

  1. I’m leaving for Maui tomorrow and need a self tannner so thanks for the tip. Is there a specific body lotion that helps the self tanner last longer?

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