How to Salvage Broken Blush or Bronzer

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It’s happened to us all — you’re going about your morning makeup routine when, suddenly, your favorite blush or bronzer slips out of your hand and tumbles on to the floor. If it doesn’t break into a million pieces right away, you hold your breath as you pick it up hoping that the perfect shade is still intact. Sometimes you get lucky and it is, but other times, not so much.

So, what do you do when this product that you can’t live without, but can’t really afford to replace right away crumbles in front of your eyes? Do you try to scoop up the remains and save it in the compact it previously lived in? Or, do you send it to the depths of your trash bin? I’m going to say that most of us probably just cut our losses and toss it. Right? But, you don’t have to.

Instead of trying to reuse the compact the product came in, which is likely a mess and will only cause anger and frustration every time you go to use it, package it in a little pill or loose powder jar (try The Container Store Round Pill Box, $.99). This way, it’ll be in a tidy new home with a lid that will prevent it from creating a new big mess. To use it, simply dip your brush right into the color and apply it. Just tap the excess off on a tissue before applying as your brush may pick up more color than it had previously. It’s a much cheaper alternative to replacing your favorite product until you’ve used it all up — or that’s what I think anyway.

Have you had a makeup disaster like this? Or perhaps another one you’d like to share? I’m all ears.

3 Replies to “How to Salvage Broken Blush or Bronzer”

  1. Well, that just happened to me recently when my granddaughter got into my make-up case and dropped my favorite bronzer (Armani) on the floor. It crumbled into pieces, so I salvaged what I could but as you said, it’s quite a mess now. Thanks so much for this idea of the little pill box it will be added to my make-up case today! By the way, ever tried Armani’s bronzer? It’s the best and so natural….not artificial looking at all.

  2. I scoop up the mess & put it back in the container–prob not the most sanitary–but then I put a few drops of alcohol and mash it back together. The powder reassembles perfectly and stays like new. (I think the tip was revealed at Real Simple magazine or Martha Stewart.)

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