Party-Worthy Last Minute Manicure

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If you’re looking down at bare fingernails right now like I am, take a nod from my sister Sam who created a quickie — and fabulously New Year’s Eve-worthy — manicure in minutes. She used Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Check It Out, $9.99 to create a fully dry and complete manicure in minutes. If you haven’t already headed out to a party, she’s proof that you still have time to show up with a perfect manicure that requires zero drying time. Heck, you could do them in the car on your way out (as long as you’re not driving, that is). I’m about to pop on a set myself. Oh, and the tips I shared with my sister before she used her strips are:

1. Be sure to swipe your nail beds with a acetone-based polish remover before putting on the strips. They’ll last a lot longer that way because your nails will be free of oils, which can cause the strips to easily peel off.

2. Avoid filing down the strip a ton when you first remove the excess length. You can always go back and clean up too long edges, but if you make them too short to begin with, you won’t get a perfect fit.

OK, so you’ve got your nail plan, but what about your makeup look? If you’re still searching for ideas, check out these five party appropriate (but wearable) makeup looks I created for

Happy New Year’s Eve all!


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