Best Bold Lip Colors for the Holidays Take Two

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I’m sticking with the red theme today — it really is my go-to bold shade — and I decided to go with CoverGirl LipPerfection LipColor in Flame, $6.99 for two reasons. The first is that I wanted to give a more orangy-red hue a try, and the second is because it’s a shade that Miss Taylor Swift often wears (or so that’s what a few in-the-know people tell me). Due to the controversy surrounding her CoverGirl ads this week, I thought it was quite fitting.

I’m loving this shade though — so much so that when I got a manicure today I chose to have my nails painted in matchy-matchy shade. I went with Zoya Nail Polish in Maura, $8. I’m loving the matching nails and lip trend that’s going on, and figured today was the day to embrace it. It’s going to be hard for me to stray from this pair of gorgeous products come tomorrow.

So, what do you think of today’s shade? And the whole matchy-matchy trend? Are you on board?


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