12 Days of Beauty-Full Gift Ideas All Under $20 — Day 9

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Day 9: Mark Instant Vacation Fragrance Trio Collection, $18

Want to help the sun worshiper on your list escape the frigid winter temps? Well, you could take her on a snazzy vacation to Hawaii, Costa Rica or Ibiza — or, save a couple thousand green ones and give her this fragrance trio. The three included scents: Instant Vacation, Costa Rica Instant Vacation and Ibiza Sol Instant Vacation are a few of Mark’s best-selling perfumes packaged up in cute, purse-sized spray bottles. They are fragrances that will instantly boost your mood (thanks to notes like tropical fruit, jasmine, vanilla, warm sand, iced watermelon, pink guava, honeysuckle, pear, white geranium) even on the most dreadful and gray of days. The best part? She won’t even have to turn down the snowball cookies or pigs in a blanket during the holidays in anticipation of having to wear a swimsuit — bonus!

See Day 8: Philosophy Candy Cane Trio, $16


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