12 Days of Beauty-Full Gift Ideas All Under $20 — Day 7

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Day 7: Lush Mr Frosty, $19.95

This adorable, crafty-looking snowman is just a front for the three fabulous bath bombs that are hidden inside. If you haven’t tried a Lush Bath Bomb yet, do yourself a favor and pick one of these up for yourself. If you’re a bath taker, these fizzy “bombs” will turn your bath into a heavenly-scented spa. And, while you’re at it, pick up a few others for the bath lovers in your family. Everyone from your Spy Gear-loving 5-year-old nephew to your stressed-out, mother-of-three sister will adore you for this gift.

The three bombs included are the Cinders Bath Bomb (a sweet and spicy, cinnamon-infused scent), the Lil’ Lush Pud Bath Bomb (a clove, aloe and rose scent that’s inspired by figgy pudding) and the Golden Wonders Bath Bomb (a gift box-looking bomb scented with orange, lime and cognac).  Ahhh…

If you missed it, check out: Day 6: Redken For Men Classics, $20


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