12 Days of Beauty-Full Gift Ideas All Under $20 — Day 4

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Day 4: MAC Kids Helping Kids Tree Teddy Holiday Ornament, $18

My mom started a tradition when my sister and I were kids that every Christmas we would each get a special ornament. She said it was to help start our collections, so that as adults we would have a solid set of tree bling that also had some sentimental value. As a kid I thought of this tradition as kinda sappy or silly, but now, every year when I pull out my box of decorations, I go back to the moment I was given each and every one of the little items. I can remember exactly what my mom said about them and why they were special. And, although I’m one of those people who likes to have coordinating ornaments on the tree — I stick with a silver theme — I do manage to find a special place for these unique pieces.

That’s why when I saw this Ornament slash lipgloss holiday offering from MAC, I had to write about it. Giving the gift of an ornament — especially one in the shape of a teddy bear that also has a mini crimson-hued Lipglass attached to it — will delight your recipient for more than one reason. First, it’s cute (perfect for using as a gift topper) and second, every dollar you spend on this goes to the MAC AIDS Fund, which benefits people with HIV/AIDS. It’s a win win.

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