Bad Hair Day Solution — Even Charlize Theron Has One

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I’ve been sick with a horrible cold for the last few days, so the last thing I wanted to do yesterday morning before heading to the office was deal with my hair. I was having a bad hair day — though my issues go way beyond that, but whatever. That’s when I decided to twist my hair into a messy bun and slip on a black headband (I swear by the Scunci Thin Headband, $2.99 for four, it’s one of the only hard plastic headbands that doesn’t give me a splitting headache). The hairstyle is my go-to for days when my hair is just not behaving or when I simply don’t have the energy to put effort into doing a darn thing with it. But, what’s amazing to me is how the added step of slipping on a headband totally turns what would look like a disheveled hairstyle into a totally put-together one.

And, this idea of using a headband as my solution to every bad hair day was validated when I found out that the amazingly gorgeous Charlize Theron also uses this trick. OK, so I don’t know if she was really having a bad hair day when she attended the Gotham Independent Film Awards, but I’m going to pretend that she was. And her fix (or her stylist’s, perhaps) was to slide on a Jennifer Behr Thin Leather Headwrap, $65. Paired with her beautiful face and fuchsia lips, the look totally worked. She’s simply stunning.

So tell me, what’s your solution to a bad hair day? A ponytail? Hat? Please share!


2 Replies to “Bad Hair Day Solution — Even Charlize Theron Has One”

  1. Speaking of hair. A friend of mine mentioned that there is a pill you can take that will prevent grey hair but you have to take it prior it turning. Is she crazy or is there such a thing?

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