How to Recreate Selena Gomez's Glam Hairstyle

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Not sure about you, but I thought Selena Gomez’s glam, old Hollywood-inspired hairstyle at Sunday night’s American Music Awards was one of the most gorgeous of the evening. Classic, polished and super duper shiny. It perfectly complemented her Armani Couture gown. And, lucky for you, I got the scoop from TRESemmé celebrity stylist John D, who created the look for Ms. Gomez. Follow these steps to copy the hairstyle at home sans a pro.

Step 1: Apply mousse to damp hair (he used TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Mousse, $5.99) then comb the product through your strands for even distribution.

Step 2: Create a deep side part (for added drama) and blow dry your hair section by section with a round brush to smooth it out.

Step 3: Section out an area of hair from your part down to just behind your ears (on both sides of your head). Spritz each section with a heat-protecting and curl-enhancing hairspray (he used TRESemmé Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray, $4.69).

Step 4: Curl one-inch sections of hair using a one-inch curling iron. Roll the iron upward on an angle for your face-framing pieces, so they curl away from your face. Then curl the side and back sections under with the iron held horizontally. Make sure the sections are all the same size and not too big. “This will ensure a consistent curl/wave pattern,” says John D.

Step 5: After the curls are fully cool, spritz a boar bristle brush with finishing hairspray (he used TRESemmé Climate Control Finishing Spray, $4.69), and brush out the curls until you achieve a glam wave pattern.

Step 6: Make sure a wave hangs just over one eye, and finish with more hairspray to set the look.

Which celeb’s look did you love from the AMA’s red carpet? I might just have another tutorial up my sleeve.


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