"Do You Have a Simple, Go-To Makeup Look?"

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Reader Question: “Do you have a quick and simple out-the-door makeup go-to? I don’t have too much time to spend getting ready these days.” — Heather

Answer: I definitely have a quick, go-to makeup look for days when I have only a couple of minutes to get gorgeous (well, as put-together as possible). I actually go for one of two looks, both of which the lovely Ali Larter often wears flawlessly. Copy them and you’ll look fab and be out the door in minutes.

Look 1: Pumped Up Lashes

The key product for this look is a lengthening and volumizing mascara. Try L’Oreal Paris Voluminious Million Lashes Mascara in Blackest Black, $8.95.

Start by evening out your skin tone and covering imperfections with foundation — invest in a stick form to save time. No brushes are needed — you just swipe it on and blend. Try Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick, $41.

If you feel like you need to brighten up your complexion a bit, swipe on a sheer, rose-colored blush. Again, creams like the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush, $24 are super fast and easy.

Swipe your lashes with multiple coats of mascara, focusing the majority of the product at the base.

Finish by slicking on a sheer, shiny lipgloss.

Look 2: Stained Red Lips

The key product for this look is a cherry or berry-colored lip stain — or you can use a heavily pigmented lipstick applied like a stain. Try Vincent Longo Original Lip & Cheek Gel Stain, $22.50.

Like with the previous look, start by evening out your skin with foundation.

Sweep a champagne-colored shadow on your lids (Try Stila Eye Shadow Pan in Kitten, $18) and apply a coat of black mascara.

Use a bit of the stain or lipstick to liven up your cheeks. Dab a bit on your apples and blend well. Finish by applying the stain on your lips for a glam, yet fuss-free finish. If you opt to use a lipstick, apply a bit to your fingertip and glide it onto your lips so that it simply stains them.

If these looks still seem too time consuming for you, stick with using only the key product from each look. Mascara for the first one (add a shiny lip balm and you’re done), and a stain for the second applied to cheeks and lips.

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