What’s On Your Beauty Wish List?

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Every year around this time we start thinking about the many things we need (or want, I should say) in preparation of the gift-filled holidays. So, I think it’s about time that we all share our beauty wishes. So tell me, what products are you lusting after at this moment?

I’m personally determined to get my hands on a truly hydrating lipstick. In years past I was mostly a gloss girl, but lately I find myself only reaching for lipstick. It lasts longer and I dig bold shades of red and coral — hues that seem to wake up my face in an instant — and they look more classic and less over-the-top in lipstick form.

But, my lips are so dry and chapped right now that even the use of these two lip softening products isn’t cutting the mustard. I know my bold lipsticks are to blame, but I don’t want to give them up. So, over the next few weeks, I’ll be trying a slew of lipsticks that claim to be hydrating and moisturizing and I’ll report back once I do find the perfect stick. Hopefully once I discover it, I’ll end up with another shade or five in one of the packages I open from a loved one.

OK, now it’s your turn … what beauty goods are on your list?

One Reply to “What’s On Your Beauty Wish List?”

  1. Here’s my list this year!
    Dear Santa,
    Please send miracle potions for soft full lips, a fresh hydrated looking face and body, and of course fun lip and nail colors to add a little drama to my holiday look!
    I’ve been a very good girl all year…..well most of the year…

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