Create Soft Curls With the Snazzy New Topstyler

I just got my hands on the Topstyler by Instyler, $125.95. This is the first time I’m using them, so now’s your chance to see if they might be right for you. Here I’m showing off how you can create soft curls using them.

What excites me about the Topstyler (other than the fact that I have a totally new curling doohickey to play with) is that they only heat up to 200 degrees, which means they are much easier on your hair than say a curling iron or flat iron. And, the set comes with 20 shells (the little clamps that warm up and form the curls), so if you have super thick or long hair, you won’t run out when you’ve only curled half of your head. This is often a problem with traditional hot rollers — for me anyway.

I really liked the final result and as you can see they were pretty easy to use. Wrap your hair around your fingers, clamp on a shell and you’re done!

Not sure about these? You can see one of my alternatives for creating casual wavy strands in this curling iron tutorial.

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