Beauty Mood Booster of the Week: Braids

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If you’ve been following my posts, you probably noticed that I have a thing for braids. This isn’t something new. I’ve been braiding my hair since my Barbie-obsessed kiddo days. Braids for me are not only a great solution for a slew of things including dirty hair days, bangs you’re trying to grow out and adding some sort of style to your hair in seconds, but they are also whimsical, fun and often garner a ton of compliments. Bottom line, they are a great way to boost your mood and maybe even make you feel like a kid again.

Well, last night I was lucky enough to be at the kick off of Warren Tricomi Los Angeles’ braiding services menu where they were demoing some gorgeous braids on the guests. You can walk into the salon and have them done for $30. I heard whispers that they may share how-tos with the rest of the world too, so I’ll keep you non-Angelenos posted on that. So today, I have to share the photos of the braids — to hopefully inspire you to try one. It might just be that spirit-lifting fix you’ve been looking for.

Braiding tutorials to check out:

Braided updo

Fishtail braid

Braided halo

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