Beauty Problem Solvers of the Week #17

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The products: Vocé Haircare Hydrate It Shampoo, $23 and Vocé Haircare Hydrate It Conditioner, $24.

Why: Last week I showed off my newish copper-colored hair color. And, as you may know, red hues are the hardest to hang on to because red pigment molecules are smaller than other shades making them harder for your hair to hold on to. With each wash, color gets less and less vibrant. Because of this fact, I wanted to make sure that I starting using a sulfate- and paraben-free shampoo and conditioner. Both ingredients — well sulfates mostly — cause hair colors to fade even faster.

That’s when I started using these Vocé products. The new brand was actually created by Kaz Amor of the Warren Tricomi LA salon, the talented colorist who did my hair color transformation. Without even seeing or feeling the results of the shampoo and conditioner, I was already enamored with them. They have the most amazing coconut-y sweet (though naturally and subtly sweet) smell. Upon my first use, I had a Calgon-take-me-away kinda of moment. The actual combination of scents is coconut, peach and white jasmine leaves. Yum.

Now that I’ve been using the moisture-infused formulas for a few weeks, I can tell that my hair feels hydrated and my color hasn’t faded nearly as quickly as I thought it would. I also do avoid washing my hair too often (twice a week is my standard) and I rinse my hair with warm, not super hot, water which also helps color last.

So tell me, which shampoo and conditioner are you using right now? Any worth gushing over?

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One Reply to “Beauty Problem Solvers of the Week #17”

  1. What do you suggest for thinning hair due to mid-life related hormone fluctuations? I have tried the Phyto line for thinning hair and currently take biotin as a supplement.

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