“Do Those Hair Color Root Touch-Up Concealers Work?”

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Reader question: “Do you know much about those root touch-up concealers? I saw one at Sephora I was thinking of trying but wasn’t sure about them.” — Katie

Answer: Though we’d all like to be able to find the time or money to keep our natural hair color roots hidden — that’s not always an option. So, when you’re in a pinch and need to look pulled-together for a big meeting, photo op or event, root touch-up products can truly be the answer to your beauty prayers.

If you are looking for an instant fix, you’re right to think that your best bet is to try a root “concealer” or touch-up pen or mascara. A couple that get rave reviews from women and experts alike are:

Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up & Highlighting Pen, $23
This is likely the product you saw at Sephora. It comes in six shades and has a brush tip that allows you to “paint” on the no-commitment color. It will come out as soon as you shampoo your hair.

TouchBack by ColorMark, $29.95
This is like a giant, wide-tipped marker for your head. Glide one of the eight available shades on and it will never flake or make it look as though you have product in your hair. It too will wash out when you shampoo. Oh, and they include a scalp-protecting comb, which will keep you from coloring your scalp and looking like you really did use a Sharpie to cover your roots.

If you decide you need a longer-lasting fix, peruse the drugstore aisle for a DIY root touch-up box of hair color. Ones to try:

Root Touch-Up by Nice ‘N Easy, $5.99
With 18 shade options, you’re sure to find a match. Paint this permanent color on your regrowth and within 10 minutes your roots (even grays) will be totally hidden — well, until they grow out again.

L’Oreal Paris Root Rescue 10 Minute Root Coloring Kit, $7.99
Like the Clairol product above, this permanent (though low-ammonia) root fix formula will fully cover grays and last until your hair grows out. The easy-to-use applicator dispenses a gel color that contains added conditioners.

If you color your hair at home, you should stick with the brand that you use for your all-over color, as you’ll be able to perfectly match a touch-up shade to it.

Now the challenge is, how long can you stretch out those hair color appointments? My longest was nearly six months. Not bad.

6 Replies to ““Do Those Hair Color Root Touch-Up Concealers Work?””

  1. I have used the touch back color marker for my roots in between hairlighting appts and it works like a charm! I would highly recommend this product. It comes in three shades.

  2. I completely agree about how great the “Touchback” root concealer marker works between highlight appointments. Even my professional hair colorist commented on how effective this product is. And it doen’t make my roots stiff or sticky!

  3. This all sounds great, but there’s something nobody has mentioned yet. How many times can you use one of those markers? Cause for that price I would expect to use it at least 5 or 6 times, and not just in the part but all around the edge and crown area. So how about it?!

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing – for that price I might as well just get my hair recolored if these pens are only good for one touch up.

  4. I like Rita Hazan root concealer, but it’s too expensive and doesn’t last very long. It’s a spray, but has a nozzle so it doesn’t spray all over your hair. Doesn’t run when you sweat or it gets wet, but shampoos out.

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