Beauty Problem Solver of the Week # 16

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The Products: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner, $16 and Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion, $24.50

Why: Thanks to my friends at Kiehl’s, I was able to get some sneak preview samples of these products that are part of the new Ultra Facial Oil-Free collection.

In my younger years I was a huge fan of the original Ultra Facial products, but since then my skin has become more combination — even oily — so I unfortunately had discontinue my use of them. When I heard that the oil-free line was coming out, I was thrilled. My two favorite products in the group (which also includes a gel-cream and a cleanser) are the lotion and toner.

I’m not normally a fan of toner (in many cases it seems like a needless extra step), but I have to say that I swear this alcohol-free version, which is infused with imperata cylindric root extract and antarcticine (both soothe and hydrate skin) makes a huge difference in my oil production throughout the day. My skin doesn’t look nearly as greasy come four o’clock as it did before I starting using this. And, I can see that it removes excess residue left on my face even after cleansing. Bonus.

The lotion is equally as impressive. Using the same above-mentioned ingredients with the addition of vitamin E, it gives my skin the the perfect amount of moisture without over doing it. And, it’s fragrance, paraben and colorant-free, too. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Together what’s so impressive about the products in this line (in my opinion) is that they prevent my face from getting super oil slick-looking, but without stripping my skin and making it feel  dry and tight like many other oil-free products I’ve tried in the past.

Now tell me, what’s a new product you can’t wait to tell friends about? Share by commenting on this post.

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