Natural Makeup Products and Brands That Are So Worth Trying

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I spent the weekend catching up with my cousin’s wife Sascha who is a vegetarian and sustainable life-leading goddess. One of those natural beauties you secretly hate because you wish you were born with her features (yes, that’s her pictured above). But, she’s not the bare-faced beauty you’d expect, well, not all the time anyway. She loves to play with makeup for dressed-up occasions like a wedding. We actually attended one together on Sunday where she sported a bronzy eye and deep burgundy lip color that could have rocked any red carpet.

But, earlier in the day when we were chatting over beet salads before our night out, she asked me which brands I thought made great natural makeup products. She has skin care items she loves, but makeup was a different story. She likes Urban Decay for their vegan ways, but wanted additional options. Here are the ones I suggested to her — along with a few more that I thought of after our conversation ended …

Korres: Try the Korres Lip Butter, $12 (it’s petrolatum free and made of shea butter, rice wax and other natural oils) and Korres Eyeliner Pencil, $16 (which has a 100 percent natural base with added herbs and vitamins).

Josie Maran: Try the Josie Maran Argan Bronzing Powder, $30 (it excludes fragrance and parabens and comes in a biodegradable compact).

Physicians Formula: Although this drugstore brand makes non-natural products, they have a good handful of 100 percent (or close to it) natural origin products. Try the Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer, $11.95. (Along with SPF 15 this is formulated with 80 percent certified organic ingredients like jojoba seed oil, avocado oil and shea butter.)

Raw Natural Beauty: Try the Raw Natural Beauty Native Essence Pure Pigment Cheek Color, $26 (it’s free of chemical dyes, chemical preservatives and fragrance).

Jane Iredale: Try the Jane Iredale PurePressed Eye Shadow, $19 (the mineral powder is free of oil, talc, FD&C dyes, synthetic preservatives, parabens and fragrance, and it’s PETA-approved).

EcoTools: I recently waxed poetic about the EcoTools brushes, but I didn’t mention that Alicia Silverstone has her own branded sets of these tools, too. I know Sascha would love this due to her Clueless obsession. The EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set & Bag, $16.99 includes a blush, foundation, powder and eyeshadow brush along with a brow brush/lash comb. They have bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules (the thingy that holds the bristles and handle together) and cruelty-free talon bristles. The included makeup bag is made of natural hemp and a recycled PET lining.

Are you into living and beautifying naturally? I’d love to know, so tell me by commenting on this post.

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