Cake-Free Greasy Skin Solutions

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Reader Question: “Lately, my skin has been ultra oily — especially after I apply my serum, SPF and tinted moisturizer. What can I do to stop looking like a grease-ball by late afternoon?” — Chevonne

Answer: Nothing gets me down more than too much shine. And sure, any talc can reduce oil, but not all powders are created equal. That’s why I recommend using translucent setting powder. It’s the best at giving your skin a matte finish without looking chalky or cakey. Er, so what’s the difference, you ask? The secret is in the white (i.e. pigment-free) formula that goes on completely sheer, regardless of your skin tone. Basically, it prevents that gradual build-up that often occurs when you apply layer after layer of a skin tone-colored powder all day long. I use my colorless power to keep shine away, but it also sets my makeup like nobody’s business — big bonus. Not into powder at all? Try a souped-up solid and colorless mattifying gel or a more classic liquid to keep skin shine-free (for a few hours at least).

Products to try:

My favorite non-powdery powder: Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder, $36 — this disappears instantly and leaves my skin totally shine-free.

An on-the-go fix: Laura Mercier Pressed Setting Powder, $32. It’s as silky smooth as your best cashmere, yet slim enough to tote in a tiny clutch.

Powder alternatives: Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender, $40 or  Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel, $35, these leave skin with a gorgeous matte finish and they reduce the look of pores, too.

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— Carrie Stern Kleiner

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