Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #14

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The Product: Bengay Cold Therapy, $7.99

Why: A few years back my husband and I trained for and ran the San Diego marathon. In the process though my husband injured his knee. And, ever since that year, if he pushes himself too hard during a workout, he feels the pain of that old injury.

Lucky for him, I had been sent a tube of Bengay’s newest formula (the Cold Therapy), which contained five percent menthol and a “pro-cool” technology. And, while I have an occasional sore muscle from pilates myself (and was excited to try this), he snapped it up before I could even suggest he give it a try.

He slathered it on his knee when it was acting up, and said it did give the “fast-acting blast of cold” that it claims to offer up. So much so that he recommends not applying this right before bed because it was intense enough to prevent him from falling asleep right away. Overall he really liked the cooling gel, and was surprised at how well it took the edge off of his pain. That was enough to convince me.

Which health and beauty product has solved one of your problems lately? Tell me about it by commenting on this post.

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