The Product: Quantum Herbal Products Anti-Infection Wound Cream, $18.60

Why: I know, I know, this isn’t really a beauty product, but it turned out to be such a miracle problem solver for me that it deserves a post.

Here’s the deal: A few days before I left for New York Fashion Week, I got a horrible blister on the bottom of my heel. A big, juicy one. Not ideal before heading off for a few days of constantly being on my feet. The day before I left, the blister actually deflated some, which I was thrilled about. But then, in route to NYC, the darn thing filled up again.

The first two days in New York were painful. I was feeling so much pain on the lower half of my foot that I had to start walking on my tip toes. I looked like a fool — at fashion week of all places.

Out of desperation I bought everything I could find at Duane Reade. (I so miss this drugstore now that I’m Cali.; they have everything.) I bought blister blocker (too late to use this, but I had to prevent other blisters from forming), a blister healing pad/band-aid thingy and pain-relieving Neosporin. I doctored up my foot when I got home that night, elevated it, you name it. The next day — the blister was worse.

This went on for another day until I literally broke into a sweat and felt ill because my foot hurt so bad. When I took off my shoe on day two, my blister had almost doubled in size and the skin around it was seriously inflamed. Here’s what it looked like (DO NOT CONTINUE ON IF YOU’RE EASILY GROSSED OUT).

Not pretty and so so painful. The next day I Googled infection-fighting natural ingredients. Clearly the Neosporin wasn’t cutting it, and I didn’t have time to get to a doctor. I had to find something I could buy at a store I had access to. Of the ingredients that came up in the results, cayenne pepper seemed to be a promising one. I was near Whole Foods and popped in and bolted straight for the vitamin/personal care section. After 20 minutes of reading every jar and bottle, I settled on Quantum’s Anti-Infection Wound Cream. It contained cayenne pepper in addition to aloe vera and tea tree oil, which were also on the list I had stumbled upon. And, it said it would penetrate the skin, which was key because this wasn’t a broken/open blister.

I rushed home and opened the jar, which said to “refrigerate after opening” (odd, but whatever), and I peered into the swamp-like sludge. I scooped out a generous dollop and slathered in on my foot (after washing it). I popped on a sock — so that I didn’t get the brown guck on the floor — and prayed. I needed this to work.

Well, it so did. Within a day, the pain was seriously minimized and the redness started to go down. By day two I had cancelled the doctor’s appointment I had made in LA for the following day. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. A-mazing. I only wonder what else it might work on … a pimple perhaps? Here’s to hoping.

Now that you’ve read my long-winded post, tell me which product you last used that seriously worked? I must know about it.

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