You Can Transform Yourself With a Haircut — Rachael Taylor’s Look from the Emmy Awards is Proof

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Rachael Taylor "Before"
Rachael Taylor "After"

If you’ve seen the movie Bottle Shock (I’m a big fan, likely because it’s about my third passion — wine), you likely know Miss Taylor as a wavy-haired, hippy chick type. Or, if you watched her on Grey’s Anatomy last season, you know her as the curly-haired OBGYN. But, if you saw her on the red carpet at the 2011 Emmy Awards Sunday night, you likely had to do a double take in order to recognize her as the gal who played the aforementioned characters.

Taylor looked stunning walking the carpet with the other new Charlie’s Angels, and though she generally looks the same (figure, face, what have you), her haircut makeover seriously transformed her into a chic, on-the-road-to-A-List-status glamazon. Agree?

This is further proof to me that making beauty tweaks — like getting a new haircut and a fabulous blowout — can truly make you look thinner, sexier, more confident, and even, totally different. Powerful stuff, indeed.

My sister put this makeover concept to the test a few weeks ago. Yes, it took her that long to share these photos with me. She wanted a change — something brighter, more fun and something that would add more style to her overall look. She, like Taylor, went shorter (though Jennifer Aniston was her inspiration), and after having dyed her hair darker post having my adorable niece, she went back to blonde. Check out the photos. I think you’ll agree that she, too, looks different, and more chic.

My Sister Colleen "Before"
My Sister Colleen "After"

I love that a simple snip, snip of the scissors can have such a huge impact on us. That’s what makes beauty so much fun (and why we’re all so “makeover” obsessed). So tell me, what was the last beauty change you made that really impacted your overall vibe or made you feel absolutely fabulous? If you can’t think of one, it might just be time for a new haircut, or color — or both …

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