Hairstyle How-To: Create the Half-Up Twist Seen at the Lela Rose Show

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The talented Ted Gibson created one of my favorite hairstyles of New York Fashion Week. The romantic-yet-cool half-up twisted style seen at the Lela Rose Show. Though the style was inspired by Las Vegas circa the ’60s, I think it’s totally modern and wearable for day or night. Gibson says it’s a great “alternative to a braid,” and “a look every girl in America can do.” Don’t mind if we do, Mr. Gibson. Here’s the breakdown on how to create the look:

Step 1: Start by spritzing damp hair with a texture- and volume-building spray. He used Ted Gibson Build It Blow Drying Agent, $19.99.

Step 2: Smooth a dime- to nickel-sized drop of shine-enhancing and frizz-fighting styling lotion through your strands. He used Ted Gibson Tame It Shine Lotion, $19.99.

Step 3: Blow dry your hair with your hands to bring out your natural texture. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step 4: Create a deep side part and then part your hair in a half-up manner to create a top section that ends just behind your ear. Because you won’t have an extra set of hands helping you out like Gibson did, secure the bottom section with an elastic to keep it out of the way.

Step 5: Starting at your side part, begin twisting the hair at your hairline away from your face. Add hanging hair as you continue twisting the top section all the way down your hairline until you reach the nape of your neck.

Step 6: Spin the twisted hair around once to create a tiny bun at the nape of your neck. Secure the twist with a few bobby pins.

Step 7: Remove the elastic from the lower section of your hair.

Step 8: Use a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron to quickly add a bit of curl (or texture, really) to the hanging hair. It shouldn’t look perfect, you just want it to have some movement and make it look as though “you’ve been in the wind,” says Gibson.

Step 9: Spritz on a bit of hairspray for hold. Gibson used Ted Gibson Beautiful Hold Hairspray, $19.99.

I’m definitely going to give my usual braided hairstyles a rest to try this one out. Will you attempt it?


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