Overdraw Your Lips Without Looking Like a Drag Queen

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I’m obviously fixated on my skinny lip problem this week because I couldn’t help but ask the amazing Charlotte Tilbury how to overdraw lips “in a sensual way as opposed to a drag queen way” — her words, not mine (unfortunately). The answer she gave me, while working like a mad woman to create orchid-inspired lips that were darker in the center, brighter on the outer edges, and overdrawn (of course) backstage at the Prabal Gurung show during New York Fashion Week, was …

The key is to avoid “harsh lines,” she says. So instead of using a very sharp and pointed lip pencil to draw your lips, rub your pencil across the back of your hand many times to soften and dull the tip before using it. This will help it glide on in a more diffused way, and then all you’ll need to do is “blend it out to get [even] softer lines, so lips look bigger without looking heavy or like a drag queen,” says Tilbury. You can soften edges further with a Q-tip or lip brush, if needed.

Between overdrawing my lips and applying multi-colored gloss hues like Mally Roncal suggested, I’ll have fuller lips in no time.

Now tell me, which feature are you fixated on this week? Maybe I can dig through my notes to find you a solution, too.

One Reply to “Overdraw Your Lips Without Looking Like a Drag Queen”

  1. Eye cream. Do I really need to use an eye cream or can I just use my moisturizer? I can’t use anythig with retin A, retinol, etc. because it makes my eyelids red (even if I use it on my face). So is there an eye cream for me?

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