Get Youthful, Pouty Lips — In a Flash

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New York Fashion Week wouldn’t be complete for me without seeing a Tracy Reese show and catching up with the gorgeous and lovely Mally Roncal, who created the makeup look seen on the runway. Not only does she do beautiful makeup, but she always has great tips and tricks to share. The one I found to be especially insightful — mostly because I lack serious volume in the lip area — was how she created a more youthful, pouty finish on the models’ lips.

She used two shades of lipgloss and applied the darker of the two shades on the top lip only, which pushes that lip forward a bit to create a pouty finish. She first applied Mally Beauty Life, Love and a Really Great Lipgloss Singles in Be a Peach, $15 (a sheer, bright orange hue) on the bottom lip. Then she used Mally Beauty High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Life is Fuchsia, $20 (a deeper fuchsia shade) on the top lip. After she applied the glosses, she instructed the models to avoid rubbing their lips together to blend the colors and instead told them to say “ma, ma, ma” in order to create a nice mix of the glosses while keeping the dimension of the shades intact. She also said this action will help you avoid that “funky roll” that can sometimes happen when you rub your lips together after applying gloss.

Before you try this trick, be sure to prep your lips to ditch any flakes. I’ll be using this delish lip scrub to do just that.

One Reply to “Get Youthful, Pouty Lips — In a Flash”

  1. I was lucky enough to try Blistex’s new Deep Renewal lip protectant and wow.. what a product this is. It boasts anti-aging qualities, it moisturizes, fills lines and has an SPF. It has a really nice feel on your lips and actually tastes and smells good. What more could you ask for? Move over Rosebud Salve.

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