Beauty Tip of the Day: How to Look Glowy, Not Greasy

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For the next few days I’ll be reporting from New York Fashion Week — I already have enormous blisters to prove it — and I’ll be sharing how-tos and tips from the best of best hair, makeup and nail pros in the beauty business. Up first: How to make skin glow — without ever looking greasy.

I caught up with genius makeup artist Tom Pecheux (photographed above) and he shared tips on how to make skin look dewy/matte (the finish he was giving the models for the Peter Som show) in a way that would work in real life — not just on the runway. What often translates as dewy on the catwalk can look like an oil slick on non-models. Here’s what he suggested:

First, if you have combination or oily skin, “just powder your T-zone,” says Pecheux in order to allow your skin’s natural shine to be front and center elsewhere.

But, if you have dry skin, or if you prefer matte foundations, you will want to “use blush with shimmer,” he says, in order to add a glow to an otherwise matte face.

Super simple, but doing this will result in a flawless, yet natural skin finish.

Stay tuned for more tips from the trenches at Lincoln Center. Tomorrow you might just learn about how you can tell when a nail polish shade isn’t quite right for your skin tone, and how to ditch hangnails for good.

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