Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #12

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The Product: Arcona Tabula Rasa Pads, $24

Why: As you may know, from reading some of my previous posts, I have combination/breakout-prone skin. And, over the past few months — likely due to the warmer weather — my skin has been especially problematic. That’s when I reached for these new witch hazel and lactic acid-infused pads. They’re pretty much a more natural, souped-up and luxe version of the good ol’ Oxy Pads. They exfoliate skin (which promotes skin cell turnover) while killing bacteria. I use them every morning after cleansing and my acne breakouts have been much less frequent as a result. The pads do have a strong witch hazel scent, which burns your nose a bit if you take a deep breath after swiping them over your skin, but it’s so worth putting up with. I actually just finished the container of 45 pads, so I need to order another shipment stat. Oh, I should also mention that the pads help soothe razor burn and ditch ingrown hairs too — major bonus.

So, which product do you think deserves a shout out? Share by commenting on this post.

2 Replies to “Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #12”

  1. Thanks Kristen! I love your posts! Try GlamGlow if you haven’t already. It’s a mud mask with whole green tea leaves – an amazing antioxidant. It’s amazing! I’m hooked and I just got Breean hooked too! My girlfriend is a rep, I’ll see if she will send you some! This mask also burns a touch at the beginning, but SO worth it just as you described in this post!

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