My Pre-Fall Hairstyle Makeover

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I finally did it! I took the plunge (OK, maybe it was more like a little hop) and asked Natalie at the Chignon salon in Pasadena, Calif. to give me Rose Byrne’s fabulous haircut. The photo above is how I walked out the door this morning. And here’s how my hairstyle looks at this moment …


The cutting process: Natalie cut off a few inches to create a more one-length collarbone situation then she gave me long bangs that I can easily sweep to the side — thanks to a serious cowlick.

The style: After cutting my strands, she spritzed a little Bumble and bumble Tonic Lotion, $19 on my bangs and crown area. She then applied a good amount of Sojourn Thermal Protection Straightener, $29, which smells like an apple Jolly Rancher (in a good way) to help really straighten out my wavy hair. She swears by the stuff.

Next, she used a large round brush (similar to the Cricket Technique Tourmaline Thermal Round Brush, $12) to dry my bangs first, flipping them from side to side on the brush to help them fall nicely. And then she blew out the rest of my hair using the same brush. Quick and simple. And P.S., I do think those thermal brushes truly help speed up the drying time. I’ll have to dust off the one I have stashed in a drawer somewhere and actually put it to use.

Anyway, I’m quite tickled with the result and think it’ll be the perfect look to take into fall, but what do you think? Be honest.

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11 Replies to “My Pre-Fall Hairstyle Makeover”

  1. Love the bangs and your hair looks super healthy-I’m getting me some of that Sojourn.
    FYI: my grandma always used to say something tickled her-made me think of her.

  2. Your new look is perfect for a fresh fall look. Silky shiny and a great hair length. Great cut! Thanks for the straightening solutions as well. Can’t wait wait to try this procedure.

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