Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #11

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The Products: Everyday Naturals Deep Kissing Buff & Shine, $7 and
Smith’s Rosebud Strawberry Salve in a Tube, $6

Why: This week’s problem solver of the week was a tie because I needed both of these gems to take care of my dry, chapped-lip situation.

After a windy evening spent outdoors near the beach, my lips were parched and a bit cracked and peeling — not pretty.

That’s when I reached for these two products. First I used the lip scrub, which is made up of totally natural ingredients including sugar (used to buff off dead skin), cocoa absolute and orange (to create a scent that makes you want to eat the product — please don’t) and murumuru and shea butters (to moisturize). I gently rubbed the scrub over my lips in the shower and rinsed. It’s like a little facial for your lips — they immediately felt smoother and softer after using this.

I followed up the scrub with the new tube version of the Strawberry Salve. The Rosebud Salve original that comes in a tin has been one of my long-time favorite products. It’s like the Mercedes-Benz of lip balms. It hydrates and protects lips from getting chapped, but it goes beyond that to solve other issues too. If you have an irritated cuticle or a cut — slather this on the problem and it’ll help soothe and heal it almost instantly. It’s kinda amazing. The tube version is great because you don’t have to stick your fingers into it (perfect for all the germaphobes out there), and the strawberry-scented balm makes my hubby very happy. He loves it when I wear fruity-scented balms. What is it with guys and fruity lip balms anyway?

Anyway, after a few days of using this combo of products, my lips were in kissable and bright lipstick-worthy shape. (Psst … wearing bright lipstick is one of my 5 Tricks to Looking Younger.)

Do you have a beauty problem solver of the week that you’d like to share? Tell be about it by commenting on this post.

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