Confession: I almost missed seeing my brother-in-law get hitched because I was in my hotel room determined to apply a set a false lashes. Not kidding. I learned then that you should never attempt to apply falsies when you’re running late to start with, and that you need to practice, practice, practice before applying them for a big event. I also learned that some false lashes are much easier to apply than others. For example, I can apply individual lashes to other people’s eyes, but not my own. It’s just too darn tricky. Kudos to you if you’ve mastered it. Heck, even a full lash strip is tricky for me to do on my own eyes at times.

That’s why I decided to pick the brain of makeup artist Taylor Babaian who created the fabulous lash line Kre-at Beauty (find it at Barneys and Here she explains step-by-step how to apply the little suckers — even if you’re not a makeup artist:

Step 1: Choose lashes that are easy for beginners to apply. Babaian recommends “half lashes”, which she says also look the most natural. “You literally just lay them on, and if you don’t do them perfectly, [they] still look good,” she says. Try Kre-at Beauty Half Lashes, $15 (photographed above).

Step 2: Get the necessary tools. Babaian recommends using a latex-based glue that goes on white and dries clear. Avoid using black glue as it will “show up if you don’t put [on] the perfect amount of glue,” she says. She also suggests picking up a lash applicator tool — this will help you place the lashes more easily. Fingers are often too big to allow you to get close enough to your lash line and she thinks tweezers (which many artists use) are “a little dangerous because they’re sharp at the tips … [and] can also rip lashes when you take them off of the platform,” she says. She has one in her line or you can pick up the Sephora Eyelash Applicator, $5.

Step 3: Before applying your lashes, do the rest of your eye makeup. Apply foundation, eyeshadow, a thin line of black eyeliner (this “makes the false eyelashes blend in seamlessly with your natural lashes,” says Babaian), curl your lashes (this “allows false lashes to have something to sit on,” she says) and apply mascara.

Step 4: Pull the false lashes off of the plastic platform and bend the lash in half to soften the base.

Step 5: Set your false lashes on your lash line to make sure they fit. Trim off excess length from the inside of the faux lash strip.

Step 6: Apply glue to the base of the false lashes. Wait 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky or the lashes will slip around too much when you place them.

Step 7: Set the lashes on your lash line — press the center of lashes down first then the inner corners, and finish with the outer corners.

Step 8: Let the glue dry for a couple of minutes then curl your lashes again with the false lashes. “This blends natural and false lashes together and makes the lashes feel comfortable,” says Babaian.

Step 9: Assess the situation. If your faux lashes “feel pokey on the inner corners,” says Babaian, “you’ve applied [them] too close to the inner corner” (if you’re using a full lash strip). If they are “pokey on the outer corners, the lash is too long and excess needs to be cut,” she says.

If you mess up: “Remove [the lashes] gently before the glue has [fully] dried on your eye. … Remove any excess glue from the false lash … [or] it will feel uncomfortable,” says Babaian. And, if your lashes don’t look as natural as you’d like them to appear, “it’s because your choice of lash was wrong. Choose lashes that duplicate natural lashes. Don’t go too big and bulky,” she warns.  “And look for varying lengths in the lash, similar to what your natural lashes do,” she says.

I’ll definitely be using these tips for my next big occasion — my cousin’s wedding — hopefully I won’t have to sprint across a field to make it to those nuptials.

Do you have a beauty technique you’ve been wanting to master? Tell me about it by commenting on this post and I’ll have a expert come to the rescue.

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