"What's a Good (Natural-Looking) Powder Blush"

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Question: “I bought a Bobbi Brown cream blush ages ago that I think will last my life time! I love the color, but I think I need to add some others to by arsenal, just for variety. What’s a good (natural-looking) powder blush?” — Auntie S

Answer: Ahh blush, one of my favorite topics and products. Blush makes me happy — well, it makes me look happy, I should say. It is honestly the one product I contribute to people saying that my skin is “so pretty and glowy” — it’s not — not naturally anyway. Even if I skip all other makeup, blush is the one item I can’t go without. When I grow old, I plan to be one of those little old ladies who wears too much blush. They always look happier than their sallow-faced sisters. Am I right? So, when it comes to a great, natural-looking blush I would suggest either of the following:

Nars Blush in Orgasm, $27 — a universally flattering peachy-pink shade that offers up a hint of shimmer to make skin glow. It’s a cult favorite for a reason — and not just because of the name.

bareMinerals Glee All-Over Face Color, $19 — the name says it all. This shimmery, rosy colored loose powder adds instant life to skin. bareMinerals is clearly on board with the fact that blush does, indeed, make you look happier.

Though the two above recommendations do pack a good amount of pigment punch, the key to getting natural-looking blush is in the brush. You want to use a large, soft and fluffy blush for the most natural application possible. I like the Sonia Kashuk Blusher Brush, $17.99.

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