How to Line the Upper Inner Rims of Your Eyes

If you have still yet to master the art of lining the inner upper rims (waterlines) of your eyes, this video is for you. You can thank my friend Shannon for this one, it was her request. Also, I have to preface this video by saying that I normally don’t line the inner rims of my eyes without applying other eyeshadow first, but for the sake of this beauty tutorial, I thought it was easier to see the lining without all of the other eye makeup. You will think that the end result looks a bit harsh without the eyeshadow though. I do think it proves how much impact lining your inner rims with eye pencil has though.

Oh, and if you get squeamish around eyes and eyeballs, you may want to skip this video. I will be holding an eyeliner pencil extremely close to my very large eyes. I wouldn’t want to frighten anyone without fair warning.

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