Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #8

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The Product: Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock SPF 50, $10.99

Why: Reader JackieO made this week’s pick a no-brainer. She wrote in saying, “My new favorite product for summertime skin protection is Neutrogena’s Wet Skin Sunblock SPF 50. This product is a workhorse! We just spent our vacation boating on a lake and found ourselves constantly wet and exposed to intense sun. This spray sticks to wet skin and stays there. The bottle sprays well in any position (except in wind, like all of the spray products) and feels acceptable on the skin. The smell isn’t the nicest, sort hairsprayish, but who cares if it works. I would definitely recommend this product for use around water.”

Do you have a beauty product that you think is worthy of being my “Beauty Problem Solver of the Week”? Tell me about it by commenting on this post.

One Reply to “Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #8”

  1. Can totally vouch for this product. Your legs won’t look like a streaky white mess when you jump out of the pool realizing it’s been 4 hours since you applied sunscreen!
    My recommendation for Beauty Problem Solver of the Week: On my way to BlogHer I needed a hand cream but didn’t want anything with a strong odor as I was going to be shaking lots of hands (yours included!). So I stopped in the L’Occitane store as I was running to the gate at the airport and bought the blue label “Creme Mains with 20% shea butter” – I never understood the brand before as I thought it was mostly gift basket items but have to say this is one product that totally works and now I love!!!

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