How to Get Rose Byrne’s Gorgeous Haircut

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I have been itching to do something different to my hair. It’s not because I’m in a hair rut per se, but it’s more because I’m craving that feeling you get immediately after undergoing a bit of a makeover. Does this make me a beauty addict of sorts — probably. But at least it’s not harmful to my health, right?

When daydreaming about the cut I’ll go for when I’m actually sitting in the salon chair, I envision something along the lines of Rose Byrne’s cut. Full fringe (that can be easily swept to the side) and an almost blunt, just-below-collarbone-length cut. It’s classic, but makes a bit of a statement at the same time, which is exactly what I want.

Now, I know that it’s easy to just look at celebrity photos and think “I want/need that look,” but it’s another thing to actually get it and live with it. That’s why, when you show your stylist a look you want to achieve via a photo you ripped out of a magazine, you have to discuss a few things before you just go for it — or else you’re bound to hate it or have an impossible time styling it.

Here are the questions I recommend asking, and the ones I asked Nicole Descoteaux, senior stylist at Butterfly Studio Salon in New York City in preparation of my attempt to recreate Rose Byrne’s haircut:

Will this cut work on a hair texture similar to your own?

When I asked this of Descoteaux in reference to Byrne’s cut, she answered, “This works best on hair with a medium thickness and a wavy texture. It will basically work for everyone, but if your hair is very thick and curly you will have to work at it and blow-dry it,” she says.

Does this haircut require a level of maintenance you can deal with?

Descoteaux says Byrne’s look is “a very low maintenance haircut. However, the bangs would need regular trimming.”

Can you get a haircut like this using your current cut as a starting point?

“Any haircut will grow into this,” says Descoteaux about Byrne’s look. “If your layers are currently very short then you will have some growing to do,” she adds.

How will you need to style this haircut?

“On an everyday basis you can just blow-dry the bangs and apply a style cream and let the rest air dry,” says Descoteaux of Byrne’s look.

But, if you want a more polished finish, “Blow-dry it on the smoother side then take a large curling iron and bend the pieces away from the face in the front, and bend the ends under on the bottom,” she says.

Based on her answers my hair is kind of a perfect fit for this look, though I’ve had bangs before and they weren’t always a pleasure to deal with, so that’s my one hangup. Otherwise, I’ll go to my stylist with this photo in hand and ask for longish bangs and medium to long layers that hit just below my collarbone per Descoteaux’s recommendation.

So, what about you? Will that celebrity cut you’ve been lusting after work on your hair texture and with your lifestyle? Share by commenting on this post.

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