“Should I Match My Cheek Color With My Eye and Lip Colors”

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Reader Question: “Should I match my cheek color with my eye and lip colors or should I just stick with one that works with my skin tone?” — Colleen

Answer: “It looks the most cohesive when your blush and your lip color are in the same color family,” says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Fiona Stiles who is fabulously pictured above. “If you have an orange blush with a pinkish lip it can be a little jarring,” she adds.

Side note: Another makeup artist once pointed out to a colleague of mine that the Kardashian sisters are notorious for mismatched cheeks and lips and that it drove her crazy. If you look closely at some of the photos of them, it’ll no doubt bother you a bit, too. Anyway, back to Stiles’ helpful advice …

She does admit that “there are always exceptions, [but] this is just a basic generalization. … When colors are in the same family, it’s more restful to the eye, so it reads as more natural, more believable,” she says.

And although she does recommend matching your lip and cheek shades, you don’t, however, need to match your cheek shade to your eyeshadow because “there are so many variations and colors for eye makeup,” she says, that it would be silly to worry about trying to coordinate them.

If you’re looking to buy a blush shade that is the most universally flattering and forgiving when paired with other makeup, she recommends peach colors. “You just need to match the intensity to your skin tone — what works for a very fair skinned person won’t work for a woman with a darker complexion,” she adds.

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