Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #7

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The Product: Goody Simple Styles Spin Pin, 6.99

Why: I know I’m late to the party in talking about these now since they’ve been around for quite some time, but I have to say that these little thingamabobs (I’m positive that little Miss under-the-sea had envisioned a tool like this when she sang that tune) truly live up to the hype.

My friend Katie raved about them months ago and claimed she didn’t go anywhere without these metal coils, and even demonstrated how easily they secured her long hair into a bun. I was impressed.

But it wasn’t until this week that I finally used them in my thick, medium-length wavy hair. I was running late for work (as usual) and didn’t want to fuss with opening up my plastic bin of bobby pins, hair elastics and the sort. Rummaging through this container takes time because inevitably the bobby pin I grab for — as I’m holding my hair in the style I’m aiming to secure — is attached to three others and as I pull it out, a pile of hair elastics go flying — causing me to spend even more time cleaning them up. It’s a complicated process. That’s when I remembered that I had opened up my two-pack of Spin Pins the night before. Unsure as to whether I’d be able to maneuver these guys as swiftly as my friend Katie did, I went for it.

I twisted my hair into a bun, screwed the first pin into my hair without a problem — from the top of my bun to the bottom — and then quickly twisted the second one in from the bottom to top (per the directions on the box, which are pictured above). That. Was. It. I had a tightly secured knot in about a minute. And, it didn’t budge all day. I’m now a believer and will try various styles with these guys to see what else they can do. I’m thinking the half-up hairstyle Kate Middleton wore while in SoCal might be a good next look. I’ll post photos if that one works out.

Do you have a favorite product that’s solved one of your beauty problems? Tell me about it by commenting on this post.

One Reply to “Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #7”

  1. My new favorite product for summertime skin protection is Neutrogena’s Wet Skin Sunblock SPF 50. This product is a workhorse! We just spent our vacation boating on a lake and found ourselves constantly wet and exposed to intense sun. This spray sticks to wet skin and stays there. The bottle sprays well in any position ( except in wind like all of the spray products ) and feels acceptable on the skin. The smell isn’t the nicest, sort hairsprayish, but who cares if it works. I would definitely recommend this product for use around water. JackieO

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