“Is There a Secret to Finding a Good Shimmer Gloss?”

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Reader Question: “I keep trying different lipgloss[es] with frost, but they always seem to look trashy. Is there a secret to finding a good shimmer gloss?” — Victoria

Answer: I’m so glad you asked this because I have a feeling you’re not the only one who has run into this problem, and to be honest, frosty lip colors in my opinion (and experience) are not in the least bit flattering. But, because I don’t want to force my sole opinion on you or anyone else, I consulted fabulous Los Angeles-based makeup artist Fiona Stiles. Here are the expert beauty tips she has for you:

Tip 1: Know how to spot the difference between a frosty lipgloss and a shimmery lipgloss — they are very different beauty beasts. “The difference between frost and shimmer is that the particles that make a gloss frosty are silver, and the colors that make a gloss shimmery tend to be warmer and also multicolored, adding depth and dimension,” says Stiles.

Tip 2: Decide which formula you’re really after. When consulted on which occasions or situations frost should be worn on, Stiles says (honestly), “Um, never.” And adds, “I find the result to be deeply unflattering. Almost every skin tone is best served by warm undertones, and it’s a good rule of thumb to follow. Frosts look dated and aging — two very undesirable results.” She also points out that “magazines may tout ‘frost as the new shimmer’ or some such thing, if a runway show has a frosty lip on the catwalk,” but “the reality of it is, that it just isn’t flattering,” she says. Some trends are just better left to the models.

Tip 3: To decipher whether your current lipglosses are frosty or shimmery, swipe “a little gloss on the back of your hand and then wipe the product off with a finger. Look at the particles left on your hand — are they silver or multicolored? This is the best way to tell, as you might not be able to tell when it’s on your lips,” she says.

Tip 4: If you’re shopping for a new shimmery (not frosty!) lipgloss and you buy makeup at the drugstore, Stiles recommends shopping at CVS because they “will take back your opened makeup with the original packaging and a receipt. This is huge!” And because “There’s nothing worse than buying makeup without getting to try it, and then having it be something you can’t stand.” She points out that other drugstores have similar return policies, so check their websites (most policies are outlined there) before hitting the store.

Tip 5: When looking for great shimmery gloss, Stiles says, “Dior is the way to go. Their colors are beautiful and they have a lovely amount of shimmer in them, which gives their glosses amazing dimension.” Try Dior Addict Ultra Gloss, $27.

Phew, thanks Stiles for validating my initial thoughts about frost.

So, do you have a beauty question you’d like to have answered by an expert? Ask it by commenting on this post or emailing me at beautyeditoroncall@gmail.com

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