Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #6

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The product: Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pad, $18 (for 10 pads)

Why: Um, did you see the video I posted on Monday? I’m seriously fair — pasty even. Now, this doesn’t bother me in the least, but I do have days when I would like to have a little color. I’m not talking Jersey Shore color, but a subtle, believable sun-kissed glow would be nice. I had a day like this last week and my solution was to reach for one of these little pre-soaked, individually-wrapped wipes. They gave me the exact serving of tan I needed.

And, in addition to imparting a golden hue that was so natural, they also gave my skin an dose of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which exfoliate skin to make pores appear smaller, reduce blackheads and even help fade real sun spots over time. Quite a list of accomplishments for a teeny packet you can easily tote in your purse or carry-on bagI have to admit that before trying these wonders the idea of tanning wipes scared me. I assumed they wouldn’t offer the same amount of control you can have with a lotion or gel. But, I was wrong. The color goes on much less streaky than I would have thought, and there is zero mess, which is why I’m now a total convert. A friend of mine has been raving about the Kate Somerville body towelettes, so I’ll have to give those a try next.

Have you tried tanning wipes? What do you think? And, if you have a beauty product problem solver you want to rave about, do so by commenting on this post.

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