Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #3

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Wine Wipes, $20 for three compacts of 20 wipes.

Why: My husband and I spent last saturday at the LA Wine Fest — wine tasting is the one hobby we both enjoy and do together (probably more than we should). And, after an hour or so of swirling the red (and white) stuff and sipping away, my husband’s teeth turned a terrifying shade of burgundy. This is not an uncommon occurrence for him. Nearly every time he swigs the red stuff, it leaves its color behind — on his teeth.

As we continued to stroll from booth to booth among the bottles of Paso Robles Cabernet and Napa Valley Pinot Noir, we stumbled upon a booth that was handing out Wine Wipes. I immediately grabbed a couple of samples, tore open a packet and handed the small wipe to my husband. He happily (thank goodness) took it from me and proceeded to wipe all of his teeth with it. I was unsure if these wipes would do the trick, but once he finished wiping, his teeth were much less red. The little suckers actually worked.

When we got home, I did some digging to find out what these wipes were saturated with. Here’s what I discovered:

The wipes contain salt (which you can taste and is a natural cleansing and antiseptic ingredient), baking soda (which actually gives off free radicals that penetrate tooth enamel to clean off stains and it neutralizes enamel-corroding acids), hydrogen peroxide (a bacteria killer and bleaching ingredient — the wipes only contain a very small amount of this), calcium (a teeth strengthener), glycerin (which coats your teeth to help prevent your next sip — or glass — of wine from leaving stains) and orange blossom (for flavor, but not a flavor that will interfere with the flavor of, yup, you guessed it — red wine).

I was impressed and will definitely start carrying these in my bag so that the next time my hubby ends up with merlot-colored teeth, we can clean them up — in a jiffy.

Have you come across any handy little products like this lately? If so, comment below, I’d love to hear about them. Or, if you need a solution to a beauty issue you’re facing, ask me about it — hopefully I can offer up some helpful advice.

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