Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #2

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John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer, $8.99

Why: This genius frizz-halo-taming product saved the day today because I had yet another wedding to attend — yup, two weddings in two weeks — and I didn’t have time to wash my hair so I decided to wear it up in a high bun. Because I’m blessed with waves, I also have a not-so-lovely amount of frizz that frames my face when I wear a style like this. That’s when I pulled out this frizz smoothing gel that has a mascara wand-like applicator. I simply glided the wand over the flyways and they were tamed in about a minute. I set my look with hairspray and viola — I was out the door.

Looking at the photos now (see one below — don’t judge) , I’m not so sure I should wear a look like this. One, I could have put a few more minutes into perfecting it, and two, I don’t have a symmetrical hairline so it looks a bit funky. Aw well, live and learn. I still have two more weddings this summer, so I’ll try something different next time.

Spring Wedding Hairstyle

Do you have a style you love or need suggestions on a specific hairstyle you should try on your hair? Speak up!

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