Buying Beauty Products on — A Do or Don’t?

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“Do you think it’s safe to buy beauty products from a website such as Amazon?” asks reader Mrs. O.

A: In short, yes, but in my opinion, you should definitely recognize the seller, which is always listed. If is the seller, I absolutely think it’s safe to buy products from them. They have a name to uphold and are a trusted site in general to buy from. That being said, if the seller is SallySellsBeautyProducts (I’m making this name up, obviously), I would be more hesitant to buy anti-aging creams, mascara, foundation, etc. from them — even if the products are new. I would never buy used beauty products and don’t recommend it. If you’re unsure about whether the seller can be trusted or not, read the reviews about the seller and check out the ratings. If they don’t have any, I’d steer clear. If they have many positive reviews, you can be a little less wary about making a purchase.

After you purchase and receive the product, you’ll want to look for a couple of things. First, look for an expiration date. In the same way you would check to make sure that the gallon of milk you’re buying at the store isn’t past its prime, you don’t want a sunscreen that’s two years expired. Not all products have expiration dates, but for the ones that do, this is a great gauge as to whether it’s quality or not. Also check to make sure safety seals and packaging are intact. If you buy a product on, or on any other site for that matter, and it’s expired or not sealed properly, return it immediately. Check out the return policy for beauty products. They’ll take them back after 30 days — even if a color doesn’t match, so it’s a pretty solid policy. If the seller of any product doesn’t have a somewhat reasonable return policy, you might want to see that as a red flag and avoid purchasing from them.

I hope you find this helpful and if anyone has has a positive or negative experience with in particular, I’m sure Mrs. O would be all ears.

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2 Replies to “Buying Beauty Products on — A Do or Don’t?”

  1. It is definitely safe to buy the products from a good sites. But one has to look for return policy about the specific products. Shopping for a beauty products there are lots of factors are taken into consideration like packaging, durability and product quality.

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