Beauty Problem Solver of the Week #1

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Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer, $70

Thought I’d kick off this new feature by highlighting the classic beauty product that solved my problem of the week — zits.

Well, the product obviously didn’t rid me of my pimple problem, but it sure covered it up like a charm. Before it did, I was seriously dreading the wedding I had to attend Saturday simply because of the fact that I had, not one, but three giant, cystic pimples. Not pretty, and yes, I know it’s tad pathetic that I would let something like a zit stand in the way of a good time, but it almost did.

That was until I remembered how well the Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer covers even the most inflamed of pimples without having to cake on layer upon layer of foundation, concealer and powder. It has a perfect semi-tacky texture that helps it adhere to a pimple without much effort and it’s super opaque. I swiped the stick (which is very convenient, especially for travel or touch ups) on the spot and dabbed it with a fingertip until it blended seamlessly with my skin. This was after I had already applied foundation.

Though I wish I could have scored an appointment with my dermatologist to have the suckers injected with cortisone before the event (yes, I tried — desperately), this was the next best solution — I even got a compliment on my skin — go figure.

Oh, and yes, it covers dark circles flawlessly, too. In case you were wondering.

Which beauty product has solved one of YOUR beauty problems? Share by commenting below.

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