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Reader Rave: J.F. Lazartigue Colour Reflecting Hair Conditioner

j.f. lazartigue colour reflecting hair conditionerIf you’re a redhead or thinking about going red, today’s Reader Rave is totally up your alley. The product: J.F. Lazartigue Colour Reflecting Hair Conditioner in Copper, $26.

Why: “This Revived my red hair after one use, and lasted at least a week. It contains no peroxide and no ammonia. It stretches out the life of your color so flawlessly that people asked if I had gotten my hair done.” — Breean

Do you have a product worth raving about? Tell us about it by commenting below!

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Do You Need A Shower Filter? I Did.

aquasana-shower-filterGrowing up as a blonde in Southern California, I was always dealing with my hair turning green from chlorine when I filled my days swimming. But this winter in New York I started to see that familiar pea soup hue return, and with no pool in sight. It wasn’t pretty.

My colorist, Summer Parham, Redken artist at Cutler Salon in New York, noticed too — aside from the green tone, a chemical reaction started to make my highlighting foils puff up like little pillows on my head. Scary! Parham had seen this before and instantly knew that a mineral from my shower water was absorbing into my hair and causing a chemical reaction. Since I live in a 100-year-old apartment building, it was probably coming from the pipes, but Parham explained that this is common with minerals in well water too. Whether it was chlorine, copper, iron or magnesium — all potential culprits in changing hair color either green or orange — the solution was the same. I needed a filter on my shower.

I chose an Aquasana Shower Filter, $55 and it was a cinch to install. And it worked! My color lasted longer than in has in months and I feel better about drinking the water as I shower too (come on, you do it too, right?!). Parham also suggested, as another option, to use a chelating shampoo like Pureology Purifying Shampoo, $25  one a week to remove minerals that can build up in your hair.

Has your hair ever mysteriously turned green?

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Q: Can My Anti-Aging Face Wash Be Ruining My Hair Color?


Question: I’ve noticed that my hair color fades around my hairline faster than the rest of my hair. Why does that happen? — Kymberly

Answer: “If your hair is turning an orange hue as it fades around your hairline, blame your face wash,” says Summer Parham, Redken artist at Cutler Salon in New York. “The worst offenders are anti-aging or anti-acne cleansers, since they usually have a high concentration of acid that strips the color down,” Parham explains. Protecting your hair is actually really simple and you don’t need to switch cleansers or anything crazy like that — just create a buffer between your hairline and the suds by wearing a terry cloth headband, I like the American Apparel Unisex Flex Terry Headband, $6. It comes in tons of cute colors and will catch the cleanser before it has a chance to get to your locks. “If instead of turning orange, your color fades or starts to look hollow (not the dense saturation you see immediately after your dye), you probably need to switch to a more full-coverage color,” says Parham. If you dye at home, switch from a demi- or semi-permanent haircolor to permanent. Try Clairol Perfect 10 By Nice ‘N Easy, $13. If you go to a salon, ask your colorist to add some grey oxidizing drops to the formula, like G.O.D Grey Oxidizing Drops, $10, to lock in color and prevent fading, suggests Parham. Luckily, either way you don’t have to sacrifice your hair color for a favorite face wash.

Image via: lisabonnici tumblr

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Rev Up Your Red

taylor-tomasi-hill-red-hairThe one thing all redheads — the ones that aren’t lucky enough to be natural — complain about is fading, fading and more fading. You leave the salon with rich, vibrant red hair, and then watch it rinse down the drain with your first shampoo. This is what Pureology intends to change with the launch of the Pureology Reviving Red System of a shampoo, conditioner, oil, and color enhancers.

pureology-reviving-redAll the products are oil-based, not to be confused with oily, to give hair nutrients, seal color in and prevent fading. Highlights of the collection are the Reviving Red Shampo’Oil, $29, that delivers four times the active ingredients to replenish the protective lipid layer and seal the cuticle, and the Reviving Red Reflect Enhancers, $40, little vials of color depositing conditioners (they come in copper or red, red), that you use once a week to bump up color. This is as brilliant as your red will be.

Would you go red if it were easier to maintain?

image: via notorious-mag.com

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