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Reader Rave: It Cosmetics Brow Power & Vitality Lip Flush

It Cosmetics Brow Power and Lip Vitality FlushOur second installment of reader raves (see the facial scrub that was yesterday’s fave) is for two It Cosmetics products. The It Cosmetics Brow Power, $24 and  It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush, $20. Here’s why …

“My two favorite products right now are both from the It Cometics brand. The Brow Power pencil creates a fuller-looking brow without appearing fake and painted on. And the other product is a lip conditioner called Vitality Lip Flush. It is a pale pink, which gives me a very natural-looking lip for those of us who have lost all color in our lips due to age. Awesome products!” — Jan

Do you have a beauty product you’d like to gush about? Please share!

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Reader Rave: Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub

goldfaden md doctor's scrub

All this week I’ll be featuring the beauty products that you, my gorgeous readers, covet and just can’t live without.

First up: Goldfaden MD Doctor’s Scrub, $75

“I’m loving the Doctor’s Scrub. It feels like I’ve just had a facial every time I use it! If my skin weren’t so so sensitive, I would use it everyday. I also love the gritty texture (the ruby crystal) it actually feels like it’s working as I’m scrubbing. Also, you can’t beat a natural product! Perfection!” — Colleen

Do you have a beauty product to rave about? Please share!

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French Manicure Friday: The Only French You’ll Catch Me Wearing

Non Traditional French Manicure

My least favorite nail look ever has got to be the classic French manicure. Sure, I’m guilty of having worn the look in the early ’90s, but in my opinion, that decade is where it should have stayed. But, add some non traditional French manicure colors to the classic design and you get a look that’s totally fresh and so much more fun. To get this look I used Essie Nail Polish in After School Boy Blazer, $8.50 as the base and Flower Beauty in Thistle or That?, $4.98 on the tips. It’s by far garnered the most compliments of any nail look I’ve ever worn. Definitely worth a repeat.

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The Green(ish) Nail Polish I’ll Be Wearing This St. Patty’s Day (And Many Other Days After That)

photo (22)

While I’d like to play it totally cool and ignore the fact that March 17th isn’t a festive day to celebrate, I simply can’t. I’m a total sucker for holidays. I’m all for any excuse to eat treats that come around only once a year or have a drink or two on a week night (green beer, anyone?). Holidays are meant to be a break from the normal routine, which is what I love about them. And people, in general, are just more upbeat on holidays like St. Patty’s day — do you agree? I wish we could bottle the positive vibe and bring it out on a typical (blah) Monday.

And, while you won’t find me wearing a headband embellished with glittery clover antennas next Monday, you will find me sporting this leafy-hued nail polish — OPI Nail Lacquer in AmazON … AmazOFF, $9 (part of the Brazil Collection). My sister Sam first wore a few weeks ago and I was crushing on it (and her fringe bag). It’s the perfect blend of blue and green — green enough not to get you pinched, but blue enough for you to keep your cool.

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